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How To Install Configure Config Server Firewall on Centos7


Config Server Firewall Security Application For Linux Servers Config Server Firewall is a free security application tested on almost all mainstream RedHead and Debian derivative Linux distribution. It is also works with the most popular virtual servers. It is a firewall configuration script that provides better security for your server using advanced interface for managing…

Adding ConfigServer Firewall Blocks To Cloudflare


Why Adding ConfigServer Firewall Blocks To Cloudflare Ideally after installing mod_cloudflare on Apache, we should be able to get the real IP of the visitors. This is true for any application that is in operation after Apache. Unfortunately, the firewall runs before mod_cloudflare comes into effect. This means csf doesn’t see the correct remote IP…

RESTRICT_SYSLOG Security Option In ConfigServer Firewall CSF


lfd relies on /syslog auth.log/ /messages secure/ As you can read in the CSF readme.txt file any end- user on the server can maliciously trigger applications that monitor the logs of syslog/rsyslog. Red Hat family distributions (CentOS and Fedora) use /var/log/messages and /var/log/secure where Debian-family distributions use /var/log/syslog and /var/log/auth.log. The option RESTRICT_SYSLOG disables all…

How To Install mod_cloudflare for Apache httpd

mod_cloudflare for Apache for Logging Real Visitor IP Addresses Cloudflare acts as a proxy and can help you speed your website, no matter static or dynamic. After switching to Cloudflare, you will notice that all your website visitors’ IP addresses appear to be coming from Cloudflare IP addresses. Here mod_cloudflare for Apache httpd comes in…

How To Update Software Directadmin

Software Directadmin vs Yum Software Manager Apt-Get Generally we update linux software using the yum command in Centos and RedHat or apt-get in Debian and Ubuntu. YUM is a command line package manager for DEB program packages. Apt is a command line command for the dpkg packaging system. Apt-get also takes care of dependency handling.…

SSH Hardening Techniques


SSH Hardening Techniques These are the top practices to harden ssh. In this article I am going to list the best and most important open ssh server security practices. SSH protocol is the best option when it comes to remote login, making backups, remote file transfer and so on. It is a must have on…

How To Use Public Key Authentication Instead Of Password


Password Login Belongs To The Past Public key authentication is an easier and more reliable compared to the old- fashioned password-based login. Keys are basically less prone to brute-force attacks. If you want to force users to use keys add the line in the /etc/sshd/sshd_condig Disable PasswordAuthentication