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With every new install of WordPress I always strive to keep the number plugins to the minimum. If I don’t need something, I don’t put it there. So I usually install these two plugins from the very beginning:
Comments antispam plugin: Akismet
SEO Plugin WordPress: Yoast SEO or All In One Seo
For the sake of this article I’ve made a brand new installation of All In One SEO plugin. AiOSEO is a simple plugin that does one thing very well: generates unique meta description, keyword, and title tags. The plugins stores the needed information in custom fields rather than creating its own MySQL tables. It’s a clean, well designed plugin that gives you the control you need over tags, social/open graph, and last but not least has a site map functionality.

Yoast SEO plugin: There are lots of configurations and options here, but it is easy to use and the default values are quite useful. For me the best feature for Yoast SEO plugin is its ability to help the wordpress blog authors with their daily SEO needs. With the help Yoast SEO plugin you are able to write optimize the content of every post based on chosen keyword(s). This will help you with your search engine optimization efforts. Not to mention you can choose to nofollow or noindex on per page basis, or whether to include the page in the sitemap or not. This plugin is a lot more flexible than All In One Seo. It has all the functionality AIOS offers, and can help you more than any other SEO Plugins Wordrpress.

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