How To Install Configure Config Server Firewall on Centos7

Config Server Firewall Security Application For Linux Servers Config Server Firewall is a free security application tested on almost all mainstream RedHead and Debian derivative Linux distribution. It is also works with the most popular virtual servers. It is a firewall configuration script that provides better security for your server using advanced interface for managing […]

Adding ConfigServer Firewall Blocks To Cloudflare

Why Adding ConfigServer Firewall Blocks To Cloudflare Ideally after installing mod_cloudflare on Apache, we should be able to get the real IP of the visitors. This is true for any application that is in operation after Apache. Unfortunately, the firewall runs before mod_cloudflare comes into effect. This means csf doesn’t see the correct remote IP […]

RESTRICT_SYSLOG Security Option In ConfigServer Firewall CSF

lfd relies on /syslog auth.log/ /messages secure/ As you can read in the CSF readme.txt file any end- user on the server can maliciously trigger applications that monitor the logs of syslog/rsyslog. Red Hat family distributions (CentOS and Fedora) use /var/log/messages and /var/log/secure where Debian-family distributions use /var/log/syslog and /var/log/auth.log. The option RESTRICT_SYSLOG disables all […]