Install mod_remoteip in Apache2


Install mod_remoteip Table of Contents Why using mod_remoteip in Apache2 How to get the real client IP Address from Cloudflare mod_remoteip mod_cloudflare How to Install mod_remoteip on Ubuntu Why Using mode_remoteip in Apache2 Mod_remoteip allows Apache2 to get the visitor IP from requests received from proxy servers and load balancers. It gives you the actual […]

Mail Server Postfix Dovecot & SpamAssassin on Ubuntu 20.04

How to Install a Mail Server on Debian/Ubuntu Using Postfix, Dovecot, and MariaDB (MySQL) Ubuntu 20.04 Table of Content How Mail Servers Work MX Record DNS Install SSL Certificate Install Postfix & Dovecot Setup MySQL database Setup UFW (Uncomplicated Firewall) Configure Postfix Configure Dovecot Configure SpamAssassin This article is a detailed manual on how to […]

How to use SSHFS to mount remote File Systems

Ubuntu Linux Operating System

Table of Contents SSHFS  Howto SSHFS For Linux Debian ( Ubuntu) CentOS (RedHat) Mount Remote FileSystem Unmount Remote FileSystem SSHFS  Howto In my previous blog post I explained how to use two different types of secure data transfer between two hosts on the Internet. FTPs is an extension of the insecure FTP protocol which adds […]

FTP Over TLS/SSL aka FTPs with VsFTP / Ubuntu

FTPS Server

FTPs is also referred as FTP secure. As its name suggest, FTPs is a secured type of the file transfer protocol (FTP) with a support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) / its depreciated ancestor SSL (Secure Socket Layer) . There is a difference between FTPs with SFTP. While FTPs is a FTP over TLS/SSL, sFTP […]

Uncomplicated Firewall

uncomlicated firewall

Uncomplicated Firewall or UFW In this article I am giving the basic knowledge anybody would need to setup a packet filtering system with the Uncomplicated Firewall or UFW. Even though there are other open source firewalls, here are the two main reasons UFW is so important in Ubuntu and Debian. First, UFW is the default […]

Ubuntu Server Setup

Ubuntu Linux Operating System

Who will find the tutorial ‘Ubuntu Server Setup’ useful? Whether you are using Google Cloud Platform, Digital Ocean, AWS web solutions, or any other unmanaged VM hosting provider, the chance is, you will have to start your webserver from scratch. This tutorial would be useful for those students who are just start their journey in […]

List Add & Remove PPA Repository in Ubuntu & Debian

PPA Repository

PPA aka Personal Package Archive are repositories designed to deliver software. Apt package manager makes use of these servers; downloads and installs the software programs they contain. The Apt package manager stores its repository database in /etc/apt/sources.list file. Also it reads the files in the  /etc/apt/sources.list.d directory to get information for the available third party […]

NGINX Reverse Proxy Apache on DirectAdmin

The following article is dealing with the most common problems you can come across, if you decide to switch from Apache- only LAMP server to Apache+NGINX driven one. Nginx (pronounced engine x) has been around for more than a decade. NGINX is a HTTP and reverse proxy server. It has proved its advantages over Apache […]

How To Install Configure Config Server Firewall on Centos7

Config Server Firewall Security Application For Linux Servers Config Server Firewall is a free security application tested on almost all mainstream RedHead and Debian derivative Linux distribution. It is also works with the most popular virtual servers. It is a firewall configuration script that provides better security for your server using advanced interface for managing […]

Adding ConfigServer Firewall Blocks To Cloudflare

Why Adding ConfigServer Firewall Blocks To Cloudflare Ideally after installing mod_cloudflare on Apache, we should be able to get the real IP of the visitors. This is true for any application that is in operation after Apache. Unfortunately, the firewall runs before mod_cloudflare comes into effect. This means csf doesn’t see the correct remote IP […]