Install mod_remoteip in Apache2


Install mod_remoteip Table of Contents Why using mod_remoteip in Apache2 How to get the real client IP Address from Cloudflare mod_remoteip mod_cloudflare How to Install mod_remoteip on Ubuntu Why Using mode_remoteip in Apache2 Mod_remoteip allows Apache2 to get the visitor IP from requests received from proxy servers and load balancers. It gives you the actual […]

How To Install mod_cloudflare for Apache httpd

mod_cloudflare for Apache for Logging Real Visitor IP Addresses Cloudflare acts as a proxy and can help you speed your website, no matter static or dynamic. After switching to Cloudflare, you will notice that all your website visitors’ IP addresses appear to be coming from Cloudflare IP addresses. Here mod_cloudflare for Apache httpd comes in […]