Mail Server Postfix Dovecot & SpamAssassin on Ubuntu 20.04

How to Install a Mail Server on Debian/Ubuntu Using Postfix, Dovecot, and MariaDB (MySQL) Ubuntu 20.04 Table of Content How Mail Servers Work MX Record DNS Install SSL Certificate Install Postfix & Dovecot Setup MySQL database Setup UFW (Uncomplicated Firewall) Configure Postfix Configure Dovecot Configure SpamAssassin This article is a detailed manual on how to […]

Uncomplicated Firewall

uncomlicated firewall

Uncomplicated Firewall or UFW In this article I am giving the basic knowledge anybody would need to setup a packet filtering system with the Uncomplicated Firewall or UFW. Even though there are other open source firewalls, here are the two main reasons UFW is so important in Ubuntu and Debian. First, UFW is the default […]

Ubuntu Server Setup

Ubuntu Linux Operating System

Who will find the tutorial ‘Ubuntu Server Setup’ useful? Whether you are using Google Cloud Platform, Digital Ocean, AWS web solutions, or any other unmanaged VM hosting provider, the chance is, you will have to start your webserver from scratch. This tutorial would be useful for those students who are just start their journey in […]

How To Install Software Packages in Linux

How to install and remove software packages in Linux The scope of today’s article is installing and removing certain software packages in Linux using both high and low level package management tools. Installing software packages, including updates, is one of the most common tasks every system administrator performs. The main reason behind this is that […]

How to install Google fonts on Ubuntu

DIY graphic design is among of my recent business ventures. I figured out that I need fancy fonts for GIMP to make my work more aesthetically pleasing. My first choice fall upon Google fonts because they are free to obtain and suited my needs. Using The Font Manager To Add Fonts There are quite a […]