How To Update Software Directadmin

Software Directadmin vs Yum Software Manager Apt-Get

Generally we update linux software using the yum command in Centos and RedHat or apt-get in Debian and Ubuntu. YUM is a command line package manager for DEB program packages. Apt is a command line command for the dpkg packaging system. Apt-get also takes care of dependency handling.

Update Software in Directadmin

Updating the software in DirectAdmin is be done through the custombuild script. First navigate to directadmin custombild directory.

cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild
This is location of the custombuild script.

./build update
If you want to check if there are new updates available, you can execute the above command.

./build versions 
This command will provide a list of packages that are installed or need an update)

./build update_versions
With the above command you can update the available new versions of the software.

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